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Summer Trainee Engineering Program, Summer 2016 - Google’s EMEA University Programs

We are opening up the chance to faculty to refer their students for our step internships due to the very high standard of referrals in our first pilot 2015. These are internships for first and second years only. Bachelor students, graduating in 2018+ and beyond are welcome to apply for this trainee internship as it is a great way to get some experience and prepare for life as a full time software engineer.  As you are a trusted source we will be happy to receive recommendations for up to four of your students (two male and two female).

All referrals received will be reviewed and if they have the correct profile will be contacted for Google Engineering Internships.

Our criteria:

  • Students who graduate in 2018 onwards!
  • Candidates who have good grasp of either Java, Python or C++
  • Candidates who have had exposure to algorithm and data structure modules/classes
  • Super passionate computer scientists and high achievers

How to refer the students:

Applications must be submitted via this form.

If you have any questions please email csetoodeh@google.com

Please note this is for internships in the 2015-6 season!