VMware Intern – Software Engineer for vRO Workflow Designer in Sofia Bulgaria

 This project aims to: Evolve the smart client into purely workflow designer application. Re-implement it based on the local file system. Integrate it with GIT. Strip it off the policies, tasks, authorization elements, all kinds of permissions. All that should be left is javascript action editor, workflow editor, policy template editor and packaging tool. It should have the ability to deploy a package on any vRO server since version 5.1.

Goals: Greatly simplify vRO's future development by splitting the platform in lightweight runtime engine and offline workflow development tool. Resolve a bunch of bugs by redefining customers perception of vRO's tools.

Team & Role:

  • You will work alongside a senior VMware engineer to achieve the goals of the internship
  • Your role will be to fully research, design, implement, test and demonstrate the results described in the Goals section
  • You will be in touch with the EAM team which will give you broad experience and look at the relations in an enterprise product
  • More information here.