Internship - Airthium Energy Storage (Paris, FR) is looking for a front-end developer

 Airthium is a Y Combinator funded startup based in Paris, France.

Our team is working on a large scale thermodynamic energy storage solution to enable the development of solar and wind energy.

Due to an intermittent production, renewable energy needs to be stored to be made available during peak hours. It is a major issue across the world.

The development of our solution requires a lot of numerical simulations.

Your job will be to develop a web front end for our simulation software using ReactJS/X3DOM (and Node/Express if you can do the full stack).

You can join us in Paris, work remotely (slack/github) or do a mix of both. 

Min 1month, Max 6 months duration

Compensation is 1 000 euros/month + transport and additional compensation if you stay in Paris (for the accomodation)

After the internship, possibility to create your own company based on the software.

It’s open-source but you can create a cloud based solution and make money off of it.

We are open for the student to work remotely from Bulgaria too as described in the ad.

Get in touch ! Send your CV to