Quality Assurance Internship (part-time) - Astea Solutions

 Astea Solutions is a medium-sized, established fast-growing software company working in the areas of algorithms, services, infrastructures, and applications for real time collaborative
authoring, publishing, management, geo-searching, and distribution of electronic content, including audio, video, interactive books, e-magazines and all other types of multimedia content.
Astea works with clients and partners in the United States, Canada, and Europe including global leaders in the digital publishing arena. The company is also proud of its collaborations with universities like Sofia University, University of Southern California (USC), and University of Toronto, and foundations like The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Astea’s activities are focused on innovative, cutting edge products that stimulate a high degree of proactive thinking,
imagination, and personal development.
Astea is technology agnostic. We encourage our teams to always choose the technologies that are best suited to a given project, rather than placing preference on a single technology simply because it may be more familiar.

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