Internship Positions at WPX Hosting

 Who are we:
WPX Hosting is one of the Web’s premium WordPress Hosting companies, providing superior website loading speed, security and 24/7/365 live customer support.
Through human approach, spectacular speed and service, WPX empowers those who seek to make a change by allowing them to focus on what truly matters. We believe in people and businesses aiming to solve big problems and we develop our product to empower their purpose. Whether their goal is to bring a big change in the world or to achieve a small change in their personal life, we support them in doing so.
Our team is a fine collection of motivated, positive, young people who strive to be the best version of themselves and WPX Hosting is the right environment to do so.

What we offer:
The WPX internship program is not a standard one. Here you would be able to select the duration of the internship (between 1 and 12 months) and to adjust it to your university lectures and projects.
You as an intern will work on actual projects and will be assigned a mentor who will support you in the work process. We have as well prepared detailed materials for self-preparation which will in addition help you to upgrade your knowledge and skills.
The internship is paid and the monthly stipend is based on the number of hours spent working in the company.
The internship provides an opportunity for everyone to start working for WPX Hosting.