Free positions at Opencode Systems

 Opencode Systems is a telecommunications solutions provider, dedicated to open systems for All-G and Telco-over-Cloud mobile networks. Our patented and specialized multi-channel converged services core network technology, Network Browser & Studio, is invisible to consumers but underlies many of the mobile services they use.
Built on top of that technology, Opencode iSDP is the market leading Super Telecom Application Server (Super TAS) running hundreds of complex network applications while radically reducing timeto-market, operation cost and data center footprint.
Opencode specialized portfolio addresses key domains such as Data and IoT, Network Orchestration and Exposure, Wireless Emergency Alerts and Cell Broadcast, Location Services, Messaging, and more. 60 mobile operators in more than 50 countries worldwide rely 24/7 on Opencode.
We are looking for highly motivated energetic persons for the positions of C++ Developers. This challenging position will put you in contact with the most dynamic mobile operators and industry experts.