AIESEC LJUBLJANA, General manager

Organisation Name Virtua d.o.o.
Name:            Suhadolc, Jernej
Organisational Position:  general manager
Status Available
Exchange Type: Technical Traineeship
TN Link

Internship Description

Internship Title Virtua d.o.o.
TN Fee:  U.S. $530
Internship Focus No Particular LN IG
Field of Work Information Technology
Working Hours:  From 9:0 To 17:0
With a total of 40 hours per week
Saturday work None

Payment Salary in U.S. $740
Payment Rate Monthly
Department in which the Intern will be working IT department
Job/Task Description 1 System analysis - periodically.
Job/Task Description 2 Programming - daily.
Job/Task Description 3 Project management (assistance) - daily.
Job/Task Description 4 Web management - daily.
Details of the working details 1. Personal Workspace provided
2. Computer provided
3. Internet Access provided
4. Other Conditions:Finished projects will be financially awarded!
Measurable results expected from the intern All tasks completed according to project plan. Quality of work and punctuality.
Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship Intern will get practical experience on projects, programming and project management.
Preparation required from the intern before arrival /
Additional information which a potential candidate may require for the internship Valid student status at the time of internship.
File No File uploaded

Organisational Preferences

Internship Earliest Start Date 30.11.2009 (Preferred)
Internship Latest End Date 04.06.2010 (Preferred)
Minimum Duration 8 Weeks (Preferred)
Maximum Duration 26 Weeks (Preferred)
Degree Undergraduate (Preferred)


Business administration Project Management (Preferred)
Information technology Software Development and Programming (Preferred)
Systems analysis and design (Required)
Web development and management (Required)
Network management & data transmission (Required)
Database management (Preferred)


Computer PC user skills (Required)
Internet Users skills (Required)
Databases Microsoft SQL Server (Preferred)
Development Environment (IDE) Visual Studio (Required)
ERP Microsoft Business Solution (Preferred)
Groupware MS Exchange (Preferred)
Operating systems Windows Operating Systems (Required)
Personal skills and knowledge Driver's licence (Preferred)
Professional Skills Client Servicing Skills (Preferred)
Programming skills C# (Required)
HTML (Preferred)

Good English (Required)
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