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New Year, New Me – Paid Internship @ Resolute Software


We at Resolute Software are very happy to announce our first ever Internship program in collaboration with the FMI faculty. The career opportunities within the company would be а great boost for anyone, who wants to make their first steps in software development and consultancy.

More about the Resolute’s New Year, New Me – paid internship program:

The internship is designed to help the students above their 2nd university year to make their first steps in developing software solutions of great importance and to join projects, who will bring value to many users across the globe. Here we will share a few reasons why to join Resolute Internship program:

  • People-First company – 2 times winners to be among the 10 happiest places to work in Europe. Our culture is what makes us happy to be part of Resolute and to use our potential fully. We are open, result-driven and process-oriented and have all the puzzle pieces to create modern software solutions.
  • Mentors – you will be able to work with a lot of experienced engineers with more than 15+ years of software development and architecture building with the newest technology stacks.
  • Projects – Once you check our success stories on the website, you will understand that while interning with our team you will take part in meaningful projects helping global customers modernize their software systems.
  • Opportunities – you will be part of the team for at least 6 months being able to combine work and studies. If we have a good match, we will offer you a long-term contract in the end of the program.
  • Period – start Feb-March 2022
  • Deadline for submission – January, 31, 2022
  • Payment – you will receive a monthly salary
  • How to apply – submit your CV below and write a cover letter, answering the questions – What excites you about software development? How do you see yourself with 1 word and how others see you with 1 word? Then the selected candidates will be invited for a discussion.

Are you an open-minded, junior forward-thinker? Are you ready to be part of the happiest place to start your career journey? Join a team of “A” players below:

Link to apply: https://www.resolutesoftware.com/careers/software-internship/