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Scalefocus Academy

The fifth edition of the Scalefocus Academy focuses on the programming language Go, which has been gradually gaining popularity in the recent years. It is suitable for people with a previous experience in C, C++ и PHP, as well as for anyone who wants to learn to code more quickly. Go is primarily used for backend applications and is among the most productive programming languages. Today, it has one of the most dynamic technology communities in the world.
In the forthcoming season of the Academy the students will be guided by Preslav Rachev – a tutor, a software engineer and an entrepreneur who is passionate about knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing. Preslav has built his technical expertise in many different fields, but has found three particular stacks that he tends to stick to. One of them is Go for backend development, which allows him to prototype ideas quickly and easily scale to production-grade services.

All students who graduate successfully from the Go course, will have the chance to start their career with Scalefocus – without the need to relocate, thanks to the flexible Work from Everywhere model adopted by the company. They will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects for global enterprises as well as for innovative disruptive start-ups.

The application process for the next season of the Scalefocus Academy is fully online. The registration platform is open until December 17, and the admissions exam will be held on December 20. Only 90 days later the young specialists will have the opportunity to start their IT career.

Apply here today: https://bit.ly/3d156Ie