Organisation Name:     Techmada Solutions
Name:                       Ahuja, Manik
Organisational Position: CEO
Committee:                AIESEC CHANDIGARH, INDIA
Status                       Available
Exchange Type:         Technical Traineeship
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Internship Description:

Internship Title Web Programming
TN Fee U.S. $0
Internship Focus No Particular LN IG
Field of Work:  Information Technology
Working Hours From 9:30 To 18:30
With a total of 40 hours per week
Saturday work None
Payment Salary in U.S. $248
Payment Rate Monthly
Department in which the Intern will be working Technical
Job/Task Description 1 Techmada Solutions was formed in 2007 with an objective of providing quality solutions for the IT industry. Techmada Solutions also provides clients with a dedicated helpdesk system. Using the helpdesk system all requests are routed and dealt by experts within our organization. As a client you get automated acknowledgement, tracking and satisfactory closure of your help requests. We can provide this facility to you as well as to your clients.
Job/Task Description 2 The intern should have minimum 1 year experience in dynamic website development using PHP, HTML/XHTML, MYSQL.
Job/Task Description 3 The job role will be web developing and shall be working with Open source ecommerce technologies & CMS' like OOPS, Drupal, Joomla, MUC, Javascript.
Job/Task Description 4
Details of the working details 1. Personal Workspace provided
2. Computer provided
3. Internet Access provided
Measurable results expected from the intern Timely completion of tasks with good quality.
Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship 1. Enhanced skills in different aspects of designing and development of websites. 2. Project execution, time bound work delivery and execution. 3. Entire working of internet marketing and life cycle and development of a product
Preparation required from the intern before arrival Should be creative and detail-oriented PHP Developer with expertise in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS and web related technologies.
Additional information which a potential candidate may require for the internship Good programming language and communicative skills. PS: The stipend as mentioned (in dollars) is in accord with the dollar rate by RBI as of on 17 September 2009.
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Organisational Preferences:

Internship Earliest Start Date 01.10.2009 (Preferred)
Internship Latest End Date 01.10.2010 (Preferred)
Minimum Duration 25 Weeks (Required)
Maximum Duration 52 Weeks (Required)
Degree Bachelor (Preferred)


Information technology Software Development and Programming (Required)
Systems analysis and design (Preferred)
Web development and management (Preferred)
Network management & data transmission (Preferred)
Database management (Required)

Computer Internet Users skills (Required)
PC user skills (Required)
Databases MySQL (Preferred)
Development Environment (IDE) Eclipse (Preferred)
Operating systems UNIX/Linux OS (Preferred)
X-Windows (Preferred)
Professional Skills Presentation skills (Preferred)
Client Servicing Skills (Preferred)
Team Management (Preferred)
Programming skills Javascript (Required)
HTML (Required)
PHP (Required)
C++ (Required)
Jscript (Required)
Perl/CGI-bin (Preferred)

Excellent English (Required)
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