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Theoremus Free Positions

Who we are:

We are a Sofia based company and care about the city we live in. At Theoremus, we have a common vision that we want to share and live in cleaner, healthier, happier and better cities overall, and we know that to live this dream today means we have to combine skills, reason and passion in a bold, new way. We’ve gained expertise and are currently focused on two main areas:

  • Mobility аnalytics & ticketing - We pride ourselves in developing Sofia’s public transportation ticketing system, and especially its online components, such as the QR tickets and the debit card payments. Furthermore, on top of that, we have developed its advanced analytics sub-system, which measures the behavioural patterns of public transit passengers, and aims to optimise for a frictionless experience. Our goal is to continuously enhance user experience and encourage people to limit the use of private vehicles, and thus improve urban mobility, traffic and air quality in the cities where your friends and family live.
  • Smart waste management - Our know-how in the waste management sector has been disseminated into multiple projects throughout Bulgaria and Spain. We have developed big IoT systems consisting of thousands of sensors attached to trucks and containers. The aim of these systems is to deploy data science methods in order to optimise the circular economy lifecycle and make waste taxation fairer.

Our Free Positions: