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Sustainability hackathon for students

We are Amadeus, the leading travel technology company, and are partnering with other corporate leaders from the IT and travel industry to bring you the #1AHACK4SUSTAINABILITY.

 I’m reaching out to you because we are looking for aspiring global campus talents to participate in the hackathon and influence the future of travel with our help. 

Students with coding skills and a passion for sustainability from all over the world are invited to join forces and tackle one of our sustainable challenges. 

The mission: 48 hours to create the most eco-friendly solutions that can give traveling a greener thumb. The multiple challenges can be found here. Take a look and begin brainstorming on how you can take them on. This is a great opportunity to participate in an innovative project and create a real positive impact in placing the world on a greener route. 

What awaits you?

High-class mentoring, opportunity to influence the future of travel, high-level learning opportunities on tech and sustainability, e-meet with travel actors, cutting-edge platform , and a €20K prize pool!

Would you be willing to spread the word to your students so they can get a chance to participate? 

 Here is the website in case you’d like some more information: #1AHACK4SUSTAINABILITY

 Registration Deadline: September 25th, 2022