Академия за ИТ лидери, деветнадесета лекция

Академия за ИТ лидери Ви кани на деветнадесетата лекция, да поиграем
Тема: The future of immersive techologies and their impact on society
Лектор: David Wortley, FRSA Director, The Serious Games Institute, He is responsible for the development of the Institute as a global thought leader on the application of immersive technologies which include video games, virtual worlds and social networking to serious social and economic issues such as education, simulation, health, commerce and climate change. David is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) with a career which has embraced the converging and emerging technologies of telecommunications (Post Office Telecommunications), computing (IBM), digital media and community informatics (Mass Mitec) and the creative industries (De Montfort University). He is a serial entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for applying technology to social and economic development.
Кога: 18 февруари 2010 (четвъртък), 18:00-19:30h
Къде: ФМИ, бул. Джеймс Баучер 5
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Alain Ozan, Vice president, European Enlargement and Commonwealth of Independent States Region, Oracle
Тема: Oracle Strategy - how making information technology supporting better the enterprises business objectives and goals?
Кога: 23 февруари 2010 (вторник), 18:15h
Вход: свободен
За повече информация: http://fmisociety.org/ITLeadersAcademy/
Академия за ИТ Лидери