PhD Fellowship at Telecom Bretagne, Rennes, France: Competition and collaboration in future electricity markets

This thesis aims at analyzing the evolution of the Power Grid, from a technical, and mostly eco-
nomic point of view. It is motivated by the current context of gradual deregulation of the electric-
ity market, that leads to totally new competitive situations. With the development of distributed
energy resources, the formation of Micro Grids (energetically self-organized regions), and the evo-
lution of the \classical" Power Grid to the so-called Smart Grid, the upcoming electricity markets
will dramatically change, involving a soaring number of self-interesting agents (energy producers,
carriers, brokers, consumers, and agents simultaneously playing several of those roles). The objec-
tive of this thesis is to investigate the new balances of power among those stakeholders, and the
outcomes resulting from their non-cooperative interactions. Among the expected contributions,

we intend to provide insights regarding the global performance (measured in terms of, e.g., societal
or environmental impact) in such systems, and the potential improvement that proper regulation
policies could yield. In terms of methodology, we shall build on the tools and methods devel-
oped in the context of the recently deregulated telecommunication networks: stochastic demand
modelling, optimization, and game theory. The models that we will develop will however need
to encompass the strong speci cities of electric energy (costly storage and transportation, hardly
predictible and largely distributed production, large demand variations), and the new
opportunities o ered by electric vehicles and targeted consumption control.
Keywords: Smart Grid; Micro Grid; Electricity Pricing; Game Theory; Non-cooperative games;
Working environment
The candidate will work at the Network, Security, Multimedia department of Telecom Bretagne.
The working language will be French or English.
The expected startup date is October 1, 2012. It may however be
exible and can be chosen by
the candidate in consultation with Alexander Pelov and Patrick Maille.
The candidate must have a solid background in applied mathematics and stochastic modeling.
The ability to program in Matlab or other similar programming language is also essential.
Some knowledge of physics, electrical engineering, and/or telecommunication networks would
be appreciated.
How to apply and/or get further information
Applicants must submit ocial academic records for their bachelor and masters education. It is
a requirement to hold a masters or an equivalent degree for being considered for this position.
At least two references (name, position, e-mail, and telephone number) should be included in the
Candidates should send by e-mail a CV and a statement of purpose to:
Alexander Pelov, Patrick Maille
Telecom Bretagne, Rennes campus,