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TwoGears Developer

We love Mondays. We love our work and best part is we have fun with it. TwoGears runs the web development of US-based Startups and companies with modern technologies and ultra-fast development. We live and breathe startups, we ourselves are a startup and we help other startups create top-quality products in minimal time. We love brownies. We play with hydrophobic sand. We drive traxxas Bandit.
Our team loves it here because:

  • They have a personal development plan and regular pay raises according to their growth;
  • They have the opportunity to work on creative and stimulating projects, and then see the results in action;
  • It’s a fun, geeky working environment (table tennis & foosball & Remote controlled cars etc.);
  • They can learn about the exciting world of rapid development for startups;
  • Surrounding of friendly, young, and motivated people who … like to shoot each other at laze tag;
  • They work with the latest Macs;

We are looking for someone that:

  • Excellent skills in CSS3, HTML 5, LESS/SASS;
  • Experience with frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Intuit, etc.);
  • Know the difference between Java, JavaScript and Jar Jar Binks;
  • JavaScript is your mother tongue. You know it’s quirks, you know design patterns;
  • Knowing how the web works (requests, responses, protocols, etc.);


  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Ember, Backbone, React, etc.)
  • Experience with front-end build systems (Grunt, Gulp, etc.)
  • Experience with Python and Django
  • You've worked on Linux/Mac and terminal
  • like a good challenge, are a gamer, have some cool/quirky hobbies)

To apply send us an email to tell us what excites you most in this ad and also send us what excites us most - GitHub profile or projects you’ve completed to fdev6@twogears.com