Oraia Electronics jobs positions

Oraia Electronics is a growing company, working to become the Women's cell phone http://cell.oraia.co.uk, leader  in the US and Europe.We are a well developing commercially scalable electronics. We are looking for our office in Sofia: 

  • Mobile phone assistant sales Persons call center:Four for wholesale and six retail sale persons,with a sales experience,as a support of our clients service.
  • We are looking to recruit a marketing-PR person to support the project teams.
  • Two accountants.The  Accounting will prepare you for employment in roles such as assistant management accountant.Assistant  accountant must have experience in a similar  role
  • Two individuals for the role of Administrative Assistant to provide reliable, timely,prepare, edit, proofread, and prioritize all documents including correspondence.Employees must have experience in a similar  role
  • We are also  seeking for five full-time engineer for  Android mobile  repair phones.
  • Five Design and Android applications developers. 
  • Ten(10) Assembly Line Worker Wireless Technology Engineer in  wireless  manufacturing technology,with a computer science or other specialized training  and a similar working  role and experience.
  • Ten(10) Assembly Line Worker Electrical  Engineer in manufacturing technology with a engineering technology, computer science  in wireless technology degree or other specialized training and a similar working  role and experience

Both above Mobile phone Engineers must have experience in a similar  role.

How to apply - email your CV and covering letter stating current salary to job@oraia.co.uk