Alert! The First Vue.js only MeetUp in Sofia is shooting at December 4th - Acronis

  If you have ever used Vue.js or planned to implement this modern and promising framework, we have something sweet for you. Just in couple of weeks on December 4th we are kicking out a networking MeetUp event, dedicated to Vue.js only. We are going to discuss a broad range of issues regarding the use of Vue.js, successful implementations, difficult problems and many other Vue’s aspects. The skill level doesn’t matter, even if you just getting familiar with Vue.js and want to know more, we are waiting for you on December 4, 2018 in “San Stefano Plaza”, 22 San Stefano str. 
During the event, several speakers are going to share their practices and use cases, so you could take Vue.js to your further projects. Besides, if you are Vue.js expert, or maybe you know one, you can offer an interesting topic discuss or make a sole report. By the way, there are three following reports and topics announced for the moment:

  • Easy form validation with Vuelidate and Vuelidate-error-extractor by Dobromir Hristov, Lead FE Dev at Hypefactors, Sofia
  • Vue-cli 3: Modern Vue toolchain, babel7 ecosystem, webpack 4 improvements, production use-cases by Andrey Khromyshev, Team Lead at Acronis, Sofia
  • Complex animations with Vue.js? Easy! by Sergei Kornienko, Front end team leader at Beta, Moscow
  • VueJS in depth: templates, reactivity, magic by Illya Klymov, CEO @ JavaScript.Ninja, Kharkov

Our first Sofia’s Vue.js MeetUp is free, and it will always be free, but the venue space (and the number of participants) is limited! So, register here, and join our friendly and open community! 

Registration here.
The event is expected to last 4 hours in the evening. All the program is planned in a pleasant atmosphere with coffee and biscuits:

18:30 – 19:00 – Getting in touch, welcome drinks
19:00 – 20:00 – Some reports and discussions
20:00 – 20:10 – Short snack-break
20:10 – 21:10 – More reports and hot discussions
21:10 – 22:30 – Afterparty: Italian pizza, beer and productive networking 
If you want, we can also carry out an excursion to the Acronis R&D center in Sofia for everyone. So, just tell us, if you are interested.

Regarding all organizational issues, please contact Silviya Petrova

As to the announced speeches and topics, please contact Evgeniy Fomin