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Requirements Engineering for Modern Systems: The PEGS Approach", Bertrand Meyer, Constructor Institute, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Quality requirements are one of the key to the success of software projects. Most developments today rely on primitive and incomplete forms of requirements, use cases and user stories, which cannot suffice.
The comprehensive approach presented in this talk considers four equally important areas for requirements - Project, Environment, Goals and System - and includes a standard plan for requirements documents, replacing the venerable but obsolete 1998 IEEE standard. It also reserves a place for a reasoned use of some formal elements.
The talk will explain the challenges of the requirements and outline how to produce helpful requirements up to the challenges of today's ambitious systems.

Short bio of Bertrand Meyer
Bertrand Meyer is professor and provost at Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and CTO of Eiffel Software, based in Santa Barbara. He was previous professor and head of department at ETH Zurich. He is well-known for his book, which have introduced object technology and modern software engineering techniques to a wide audience. He is the originator of the widely influential "Design by Contract" methodology for producing software that is guaranteed correct and robust, and of the Eiffel language implementing these ideas.

His contributions have spanned a wide range of topics across software engineering; his latest two books (Springer) are about agile methods (a tutorial and critique) and requirements. His many awards include the ACM Software System Award, the IEEE Harlan Mills prize for software engineering and the Dahl-Nygaard prize for object technology. He combines a strong taste for theory with a very practical slant as programmer and manager as well as technical expert in many software-related legal cases in the US and Europe. His focus is to help companies produce better software and produce software better.

  • Date & Time: 26th of Jan, 2024, 14:30h, Research talk (90 min)
  • Where: Meeting Room, 2nd fl, Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics, Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia

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