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Software Engineer in Test

Company Overview

LucidLink is a fast-growing startup on a mission to make data instantly and securely accessible from everywhere. As remote and hybrid work has become the new normal, our cloud-based technology enables teams to instantly access files and collaborate from anywhere, in a familiar format that works like a local hard drive.

LucidLink’s solution was designed for workflows involving huge files, massive data sets and real-time collaboration. Our customers include the world’s most creative companies like Paramount, Warner Brothers, Epic Games, Spotify, A+E and Adobe. We were founded in 2016 by storage industry experts and support over one billion customer files across more than 40 countries. LucidLink is headquartered in San Francisco, California, has an engineering office in Sofia, Bulgaria, and remote employees across North America, Europe, and Australia. 

The Job

At LucidLink, you’ll be a part of a world-class team of engineers, creatives, thinkers, and storytellers, empowering remote teams to connect in new ways to produce high-quality video, audio, media, and design projects. . You’ll have the opportunity to learn and advance while working with various applications and technologies on the three major operating systems and regularly confronting complex situations requiring critical thinking and attention to detail.

Quality and reliability of a filesystem constitute a vastly different problem than assuring the same virtues of web or regular applications. You will be constantly challenged to think about low-level I/O, networking, operating systems, user application’s behavior, and interoperability.

Your mission will be to ensure quality, performance, and usability through consistently creating and executing suites of exhaustive test cases taking into account all possible intricacies and system interactions of the application. You will be proactively looking for feedback and real-world use of the product through sales, support, and customer success engineers.

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